Shivaun, the founder of LUVCACAO fell in love with the homegrown chocolates in Trinidad and Tobago at her first bite! The chocolates were not too sweet or bitter. Instead, with a small piece of chocolate, melting in her mouth, she could taste the flavours of fruitiness. It was so different than the other chocolates that she had tasted before. She soon discovered that Trinidad and Tobago grows one of the finest cacao beans in the world which is used by artisan chocolatiers globally. It was on the beautiful island of Trinidad, that she learnt about the cocoa plantation and the bean to bar production by the local farmers and their communities.


Shivaun has a passion for wellness and being responsible for this amazing world that we live in. Cacao is a superfood with amazing levels of anti-oxidants and is high in magnesium and iron.  Now based in Singapore, Shivaun would like to share this exquisite taste of cacao with this part of the world. Her desire is for everyone to incorporate more cacao into their diet. and at the same time when you buy the products at LUVCACAO, you are supporting the local farmers and their communities.


Join her in this cocoa revolution! LOVE LIFE! LOVE CACAO! Enjoy a cup of wholesomely brewed cacao and a taste of real chocolate, embarking on this journey to taste the different flavours that mother nature has to offer.