Sun Eaters Organics 60% La Reunion Estate, Trinidad



Sun Eaters Organics uses the finest Trinitario beans from La Reunion Estate to lovingly handcraft chocolates in small batches, in the pristine and serene forests of the Maracas Valley surrounded by hummingbirds and exotic flora in the Caribbean.

We believe Sun Eaters’ chocolates are on par with the world best chocolates. Have a bite and you would be craving for more. This chocolate bar must be tasted to be appreciated, a true hidden Caribbean gem!


Tasting notes: Extremely smooth with a superfine texture, very fruity, bright with wonderfully complex tastes with hints of forest honey that lingers pleasantly on the palate. 


Ingredients: Trinitario Cacao Beans . Demerara Sugar Organic Cacao Butter 


Net weight : 45g




Sun Eaters Organics 60% La Reunion Estate, Trinidad

  • The La Reunion Estate is located in Caroni, near the foothills of the Northern Range of Trinidad, the larger of the twin-island state of Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean. It is managed by the Trinidad and Tobago Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries and houses the Cocoa Research Section of the Ministry of Food Production.


    La Reunion Estate was established in the late 1940s for research and to support the cocoa sector. Today, it produces the one of highest quality of organic Trinitario beans, which have achieved global recognition by consistently winning awards at the Salon du Chocolat in Paris every year. In 2017, beans from La Reunion received Silver award from the Academy of Chocolate, UK.


    By controlling the chocolate-making process from the tree-to-bar, Sun Eaters is better able to preserve the beans' distinctive flavours. For example, being involved in the fermenting process of the cocoa bean allows them to experiment and determine the flavours they want in their chocolates. Their tree-to-bar pipeline makes for more ethical, sustainable production in the cocoa industry which has a long history of exploitation. They pay at least a 60% higher than market price for their organic cacao beans to encourage organic farming.


    Sun Eaters handcrafted Single Estate chocolate bars are some of the most fruity bars available in Trinidad and Togabo.









  • Sun Eaters Organics is part of the Alliance of Rural Communities in Trinidad and Tobago (ARCTT); a Non-Governmental Organisation which vision is to support and develop financially independent community-owned rural businesses.


    Gillian Goddard, the founder of Sun Eaters has been the main driver behind ARCTT. Its work includes incubating community-owned chocolate companies within these rural communities and teaching them to make artisanal chocolates. ARCTT has since worked with seven communities and has establish four community-owned chocolate companies which produces dark chocolate bars that are available in stores in Trinidad and Tobago.


    In recognition of their work, Sun Eaters Organics was awarded the Mott Green Award in 2014.


    When buying Sun Eaters Organics' products, you are supporting their cause to ensure ethical and sustainable production within the cocoa industry.