Malagos Chocolate 85% Davao, The Phillipines

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Enjoy this premium handcrafted chocolate made from tree-to-bar, single origin, fine flavoured Trinitario beans from the Malagos farm in Davao.


Malagos, takes its name from malakas na agos which means “strong flow of water”.  Here, the rich volcanic soil and the sun, the favourable climate come together to create a unique terroir that gives its cacao beans their identity, an individuality that cannot be replicated anywhere in the world. 


2017, Academy of Chocolate Awards, Tree-to-Bar Category, Commended


Tasting notes : Gentle hints of fruity acidity with hints of tropical fruits coming through.  Deep cacao tones towards the end of the melt.


Malagos chocolate bars are pure and all-natural. It contains no gluten, dairy, nuts, preservatives, artificial colouring and are non-gmo. 


Ingredients: Trinitario Cocoa Beans . Cane Sugar . Cocoa Butter .  Soy Lecithin (non-GMO)


Net weight: 100g 








Malagos Chocolate 85% Davao, The Phillipines

  • Malagos source its fine flavoured Trinitario cacao beans from the Malagos farm, located at the foothills of Mount Talomo, Davao in the southern Philippines.


    To enhance the aroma and deepen the flavour of its chocolates, the beans have been meticulously fermented. These were then solar-dried, roasted in temperature-controlled roasters, and ground to a fineness on par with the world's finest chcolates. All these without ever leaving Davao, making this dark chocolate bar a true tree-to-bar product.






  • Malagos farms is family-owned by the Puentespina. Their cocoa beans are ethically grown and they advocate sustainable farming, where part of their farm has become a training facility for local farmers to learn good agricultural practices on cacao farming. This has raised the value of the cacao beans harvested from their small farms, and enhanced the earnings of the farmers.