LUVCACAO 70% FRUITY Gourmet Drinking Chocolate

Pure and all natural. Authentic artisan chocolate in its purest form. Our drinking chocolate is stone ground in small batches from cacao beans grown in the central highlands of Pahang, Malaysia. There are grown in a semi-wild environment and are ethically and directly sourced from an indigenous tribe group. These ‘Orang Asli’ tribe group are paid well above market value for their cocoa beans to encourage them to practice organic sustainable farming practice and also to improve their livelihood. Eat Well and Do Better! When you buy the products at LUVCACAO, you are supporting the local farmers and their communities.

Ingredients: cocoa beans, coconut sugar and cane sugar

ALL NATURAL. No preservatives, extracts, artificial flavours and emulsifiers.  


Net weight : 150g



LUVCACAO 70% FRUITY Gourmet Drinking Chocolate

  • This is must try for chocolate drink lovers!