This is must try for chocolate drink lovers! Pure and all natural. Our drinking chocolate is stone ground in small batches from cocoa beans grown in a single estate that leans on a dramatic limestone mountain in the backdrop, at the foothills of Mount Benom, Pahang, Malaysia. The presence of limestone in the soil content buffers and increases the soil pH, pulling the flavours of the resulting chocolate into deeper tones. The cocoa pods here are protected against pests by black ants, which are bred specifically as bio-controls so there is no need for the use of pesticides. Initial tasting of this origin indicates dark cherries and toasted almonds in a lingering finish. 


Ethically and directly sourced, the farmers are paid above market value to ensure that they are fairly compensated. Eat Well and Do Better! When you buy the products at LUVCACAO, you are supporting the local farmers and their communities.

Ingredients: cocoa beans and cane sugar

ALL NATURAL. No preservatives, extracts, artificial flavours and emulsifiers.  


Net weight: 150g



LUVCACAO 72% BOLD Gourmet Drinking Chocolate

  • This is must try for chocolate drink lovers! 



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