Cocoa Republic Malted Milk Chocolate with Toffee, Gran Couva, Trinidad



Cocoa Republic’s Malted Milk Chocolate with Toffee features carefully sourced organic, stone-ground heritage malt barley. This carefree flavour and distinguished texture will carry you back to your childhood. Take a bite, your inner child is waiting!



2017, International Chocolate Salon, Artisan Toffee Awards -3 stars


Tasting notes: Strong cocoa favour with subtle notes of red fruit and vanilla with mild flavour of malt and milk.


Ingredients: Trinitario Cocoa from Trinidad • Demerara Brown Sugar • Whole Milk Powder • Organic Stone Ground Malt Barley • Almond Toffee Bits • Non-GMO Soy Lecithin • Madagascar Vanilla Beans  


Net weight: 30g

Cocoa Republic Malted Milk Chocolate with Toffee, Gran Couva, Trinidad

  • Cocoa Republic craft its chocolates using only Single-Origin Trinitario beans from Gran Couva in east central Trinidad, located in the Caribbean. As one of the island's oldest cocoa plantation, Gran Couva consistently wins international recognition for producing some of the finest cocoa beans in the world. Its unique terroir with its soil composition in the undulating hills, micro climate and geography results in the most exquisite flavoured chocolate with a myriad of distinct fine-flavour notes.


    Combined with intrinsic factors, every bar of chocolate has a unique range of flavours. A batch number, hand-signed born-on date and unique flavour profile is included in every bar to help you identify new flavours and develop your chocolate palette.

  • Cocoa Republic source its beans from the Rainforest Alliance Certfied, Montserrat Cocoa Farmers Cooperative Society in the Gran Couva region.